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Installing the most recent version of Adobe Flash Player:

  • Please completely uninstall the version of Flash you're currently running, before upgrading to the most recent version. To uninstall Flash, follow Adobe's instructions, listed here.
  • Once you've uninstalled the older version of Flash, you'll be ready to upgrade to the most recent version of Flash. To do so, please follow these steps:
    1. restart your computer
    2. follow Adobe's instructions for reinstalling the most recent version of Flash.
    3. Once you've downloaded the latest version of Adobe Flash, please exit your browser.
    4. Finally click to install the update that you just downloaded from the Adobe Flash site.
      Once you've done so, open your browser again and go to You should now be able so successfully watch videos!

    If the instructions above don't resolve the issue, please also try the following:

    1. Temporarily disable popup blocking software installed on your computer to test.
    2. Allow as a trusted site in your Firewall software.
    3. Ensure other applications like Quicktime, iTunes, Real Player, or Windows Media Player aren't set as the default streaming application, as this might affect the video player.

    For Windows Vista users:

    If the Flash uninstall / reinstall does not work this maybe due to a Microsoft Windows Vista permissions issue.

    Please use the Windows button at the bottom left then the search function:

    • Go to: C:WindowsSystem32MacromedFlash.
    • Right-click on the following file: FlashUtil9b.exe or FlashUtil9e.exe.
    • Select "Run as Administrator" and install the update..
    • Restart your computer.
    If you still having problem with Videos Follow these Steps.
    Go to tools in internet explorer
    Click Internet Options
    See last tab on Right Advanced
    Click on Reset
    Restart Internet explorer.
    You should be able to watch videos on
    if you still need further help please email